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Travis Fimmel Net worth 2023, This Heartthrob is ruling the chart of assets creation like a PRO

Travis Fimmel Net worth- Do you know who Travis Fimmel is? Before indulging into the abyss of Travis Fimmel net worth, let us brief you about his lesser known facts. Travis Fimmel is an Australian actor and former model known for his notable roles in both television and film.

He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of the legendary character Ragnar Lothbrok in the popular TV series Vikings, which aired on the History Channel. Fimmel’s compelling performance as the Viking warrior showcased his acting prowess and helped establish him as a prominent figure in the industry.

Additionally, Fimmel garnered attention for his role as Anduin Lothar in the live-action adaptation of the fantasy video game Warcraft. His portrayal of the heroic character showcased his versatility as an actor and allowed him to showcase his skills in the realm of epic fantasy storytelling.

Travis Fimmel net worth

In 2020, Fimmel was cast in the science fiction series Raised by Wolves, further expanding his acting repertoire. The show, created by Aaron Guzikowski and executive produced by Ridley Scott, centers around androids raising human children on a mysterious planet. Fimmel’s involvement in the series demonstrates his ability to take on diverse roles across different genres.

Throughout his career, Travis Fimmel has proven his talent and versatility, captivating audiences with his performances in various projects stimualating Travis Fimmel net worth through his achievements. His transition from a successful modeling career to acting has been met with critical acclaim, and he continues to make his mark in the entertainment industry with his notorious on-screen presence and dedication to his craft leading to building an empire for himself compelling us to know more about Travis Fimmel net worth.

Travis Fimmel net worth

Travis Fimmel net worth- Source of income

Travis Fimmel, a well-known Australian actor, has made a name for himself through his diverse range of roles. He gained widespread recognition and left a lasting impact on viewers with his portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok in the popular television series Vikings. Additionally, Fimmel has showcased his talent in other notable projects such as the TV series The Beast and the film Warcraft. It is worth mentioning that he began his television career in 2003, starring as John Clayton, also known as Tarzan.

Not only has Fimmel excelled in acting, but he also has a background in modeling. In 2002, he walked into the offices of LA Models, and his striking appearance led to him signing a contract on the spot, despite being barefoot at the time. His modeling career took off, and he became the first male model to secure a six-figure deal. Fimmel’s success in the industry saw him gracing the pages of renowned magazines, including Interview Magazine, as well as appearing on covers such as France’s Numero Homme and American Television Guide.

Travis Fimmel net worth

Travis Fimmel’s journey in the world of modeling started unexpectedly when a talent scout from Chadwick Models Agency discovered him at a gym in Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne. This serendipitous encounter paved the way for his entry into the modeling industry. Subsequently, Fimmel made the decision to relocate to London to further pursue his modeling aspirations.

During his early years as a model, Fimmel supplemented his income by working in pubs. It was during this time that he crossed paths with David Seltzer, who would become his future manager. Recognizing Fimmel’s potential, Seltzer became a mentor figure and encouraged him to take his talents to Los Angeles, where he could explore opportunities in both modeling and acting.

Travis Fimmel net worth

Fimmel’s journey from being discovered at a gym to working in pubs and eventually pursuing a modeling and acting career in Los Angeles showcases his determination, talent, and the influence of supportive individuals who recognized his potential.

Travis Fimmel net worth

As previously mentioned, an estimated Travis Fimmel net worth is $3 million in 2020, with his primary sources of income being modeling and acting. Both of these careers have contributed to his global fame and success. Fimmel initially gained recognition as a model and has continued to be associated with the industry. His breakthrough role as Tarzan in WB’s updated version earned him immediate popularity and showcased his talent. Since then, he has garnered attention for his unique appearance and captivating performances. You might be wondering what he actually earns in a month since we’ve disclosed Travis Fimmel net worth. We have covered it for you.

Travis Fimmel net worth

Travis Fimmel reportedly earns an annual salary ranging from $697,000 to $700,000. This demonstrates the financial success he has achieved through his acting career. Furthermore, his modeling career with LA Models has brought him significant acclaim worldwide, further enhancing his overall reputation and income-generating opportunities.


Q1: When was Travis Fimmel born?
A1: Travis Fimmel was born on July 15, 1979.

Q2: What is Travis Fimmel’s nationality?
A2: Travis Fimmel holds Australian nationality.

Q3: What is Travis Fimmel’s profession?
A3: Travis Fimmel is a model and actor.

Q4: What is Travis Fimmel net worth?
A4: As of 2022, Travis Fimmel’s net worth is estimated to be around $13 million.

Q5: What is Travis Fimmel best known for?
A5: Travis Fimmel is best known for his portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok in the television series Vikings.

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