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NCP Chief Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023 is not as much as his Nephew Ajit Pawar Owns

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ The well-known Indian politician Sharad Pawar is renowned for his lengthy and brilliant career in public service. Pawar, one of the most important people in Maharashtra politics, has held a number of important roles and made a substantial contribution to the state’s political environment. He has built quite a sizeable fortune over the years via his different businesses and investments. In this article, we examine Sharad Pawar net worth 2023 and the many revenue streams that have helped him achieve financial success.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

Political Career and Governments positions

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ When Sharad Pawar joined the Indian National Congress (INC) in the 1960s, his political career officially began. He advanced through the ranks and held a variety of office in the party. Pawar has held important positions at the state and federal levels as well as many terms as Maharashtra’s chief minister. Along with giving him a platform to serve the public, his political career has significantly contributed to his financial success.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

2023- On May 2, 2023, Sharad Pawar will resign from his position as head of the NCP. On May 5, 2023, Pawar resigned from the party committee after getting several requests to do so from his supporters. 2019 I was chosen to chair the Maha Vikas Aghadi.

2014- was chosen to serve in the Rajya Sabha as a member of Parliament.

2014- President of the International Cricket Council from 2010 to 2012. Leader of the Nationalist Congress Party in the Rajya Sabha.

2005–2008- been chosen as the President of the Indian Cricket Board of Control.

2004 – 2014- assumed the title of Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution.

2001–2004- acted in the capacity of Bharat Scouts and Guides President.

1999–2014- became the Lok Sabha’s leader of the Nationalist Congress Party.

1998 – 1999- was the Lok Sabha’s opposition leader.

1991 – 1993- has held the position of Defence minister for the Union.

1991 – 2009- became a Lok Sabha member of the legislature.

1978 – 1980- served as Maharashtra’s Chief Minister.

Business Ventures

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ Sharad Pawar has engaged in a number of commercial endeavours in addition to his political activities, which has helped him become more financially successful. He has made investments in a variety of industries, including real estate, farming, and sugar cooperatives. Pawar is well recognised for having interests in a number of sectors, including sugar, dairy, and education. His entrepreneurial prowess has enabled him to expand his revenue sources outside politics.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

Agricultural Activities

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ Maharashtra, a state with a thriving agricultural sector, has greatly contributed to Pawar’s riches. He operates a farm and has a lot of land for farming. Pawar has ties to the cooperative industry and was instrumental in the growth of Maharashtra’s sugar cooperatives. These agricultural pursuits have been crucial in helping him make money.

According to TOI, in addition to Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023 “Union agriculture minister and NCP chief Sharad Pawar has declared movable and immovable properties totaling over Rs 8.73 crore in his and his wife, Pratibha’s names and HUF (Hindu United Family) holdings, in his affidavit submitted along with his nomination papers”.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

Pratibha’s name is listed with two agricultural properties, one measuring 1.03 hectares and valued at Rs 6.66 lakh in Malegaon, Baramati taluka, Pune district, and the other measuring 0.10 hectares and valued at around Rs 3.51 lakh in Dheklewadi, Baramati. Pratibha also owns 0.15 hectares of non-agricultural land in Malegaon, which is worth more than Rs 5.10 lakh.

Sports Administration

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ In addition to raising Sharad Pawar’s public prominence, his involvement in sports administration has helped him financially. He has held the positions of President of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He has benefited financially and professionally as a result of his engagement in cricket administration.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

Other Assets

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ Pawar’s movable assets, including cash, deposits with banks and other financial institutions, shares, jewels, and interest income, total more than Rs 5.16 crore of the stated property, while immovable assets account for the remaining Rs 3.57 crore.

Pawar is the owner of assets worth more than Rs 3.92 crore, while his wife is the owner of properties worth another Rs 3.31 crore. The remaining assets, at Rs. 1.5 crore, are listed as HUF holdings.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

The moveable property in Pawar’s name is valued at more than Rs. 1.82 crore, including jewellery made of gold (808.4 gm) and silver (15,171 kg), which is worth more than Rs. 15.08 lakh. Pratibha has moveable assets of Rs 2.69 crore, including jewels valued at approximately R 5.99 lakh. The HUF possessions totaling over Rs 64 lakh include jewellery valued at over R 6.25 lakh.

Pawar has only listed one immovable asset in his name, a 2,850 square foot office block in Pune Camp. This office property had a market value of R 2.10 crore as of the assessment date of March 9.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

in contrast to Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023, Pawar’s wife owns a house at Malegaon with a value of approximately R 45.88 lakh. Pawar’s HUF holdings include a 9.08 acre agricultural property in Malegaon valued at around Rs 78.14 lakh and a further 0.70 hectare in Dheklewadi valued at Rs 7.83 crore.

A breakdown of the moveable assets in Pawar’s name in the annexure reveals a bank balance of over R 46.01 lakh spread over five different accounts at banks in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhavaninagar. He also owns equity shares and mutual funds worth more than Rs 49.37 lakh in 24 different firms. Additionally, he has R 71.04 lakh in deposits with sugar cooperatives, a financial and consulting business, and a society in New Delhi.

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023/ Sharad Pawar, a seasoned politician and key player in Maharashtra politics, has amassed a sizeable fortune over time. He has attained financial success through a variety of sources of income, including his political career, commercial operations, agricultural endeavours, sports administration, and wise investments. A total baggage of Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023 constitutes of whopping 31.74 Crore INR (US $37,53,163) with assets worth 32.74 Crore INR (US $39,63,694) and liabilities of 1 Crore INR (US $1,21,065).. only!!!

Sharad Pawar Net Worth 2023

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