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Thomas Kurian Net Worth 2023,Assets,Salary,Age,Cars,Lifestyle,Career

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Thomas Kurian, a well-known personality in the technology sector, has made a name for himself as a visionary leader and a prosperous businessman. He has transformed the company’s cloud computing services and increased its market footprint in his capacity as CEO of Google Cloud. It is only reasonable to be curious in Thomas Kurian net worth and the numerous factors influencing his financial success given his accomplishments and position. We go into the topic in this essay and examine the elements that have led to his tremendous riches.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Tell tale

One of the wealthiest executives in the world is Thomas Kurian. This is a result of his enormous wealth. His parents, PC Kurian and Molly, were both from Kerala. He is the CEO of Google Cloud and the only person on the organisation chart after Sundar Pichai. His wealth is two times that of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google. Although not quite as wealthy, his identical brother is likewise a business executive in America.

In Bengaluru, Kurian’s father worked as a chemical engineer. Thomas Kurian excelled in academics from the start. He attended school in Bengaluru. Thomas and George Kurian both attended IIT Madras after finishing school. But they abandoned the esteemed institution.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

They relocated to the US to study engineering at Princeton University, hence they did not attend IIT Madras. At the time, they were 16 years old. Thomas Kurian went on to receive an MBA from Stanford. His first position lasted six years at McKinsey & Company.

When he joined Oracle in 1996, that was the biggest turning moment in his career. He rose to such high positions inside the business that he once oversaw 35000 employees in 32 nations. After quitting in 2018, he joined Google.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

He brought back Google cloud. His primary tactic was to change the emphasis to customer service. To encourage them, he also increased the pay of the Google Cloud sales staff. He also increased the team size.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Google Salary and Stock Options

Thomas Kurian is paid well by the internet giant for his work as the CEO of Google Cloud. Executives at this level are known to get significant incomes, yet specifics of his remuneration are not made publicly available. In addition, Kurian probably receives equity grants or stock options as part of his pay, which have the potential to appreciate greatly over time.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Previous Work Experience

Thomas Kurian worked for Oracle Corporation, a renowned provider of corporate software and cloud computing, for more than 20 years before joining Google Cloud. He held a number of significant positions throughout his time there, including Executive Vice President of Oracle’s Software Development Division and President of Product Development. Given Oracle’s profitability and position in the market, it is logical to infer that Kurian amassed a sizeable fortune over his long work there.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Investments and Business Ventures

Thomas Kurian is likely to have made significant investments and taken part in commercial endeavors outside of his formal employment, like many other successful business executives. He may have made investments in start-ups or existing businesses thanks to his skills and industry connections, diversifying his portfolio and possibly earning money from lucrative endeavors. The specifics of Kurian’s private interests, however, are not made public.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Other Professional Engagements

Thomas Kurian may take part in a variety of paid professional activities outside of his position at Google Cloud. Speaking engagements at trade shows, membership on advisory boards, and consultancy work for other businesses are a few examples of these. Such endeavors not only increase his wealth but also enhance his standing as a professional in the computer sector.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian Net Worth- Philanthropy and Personal Endeavors

It is important to note that wealthy people like Thomas Kurian frequently participate in charitable endeavors and provide their support to numerous causes. Although philanthropy may not have a direct influence on a person’s wealth, it can demonstrate a person’s dedication to improving society and can have indirect financial effects through tax deductions or the creation of charitable foundations.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian Net Worth

Thomas Kurian has a staggering net worth of Rs 12,100 crore. Only Jayshree Ullal of Arista Networks was ahead of him.

Thomas Kurian Net Worth


1.What is the Thomas Kurian Net Worth?

Thomas Kurian is one of the wealthiest corporate leaders in the world. An estimated Thomas Kurian Net Worth is Rs 12,100 crore. Compared to Satya Nadella and Sunder Pichai, he has a substantially larger net worth.

2. What is the salary of Thomas Kurian?

Forbes’ highest-paid tech executives include Thomas Kurian, who makes $33.7 million.

3. Who is Thomas Kurian brother?

In addition to his identical twin George Kurian, who was appointed CEO of NetApp in 2015, Thomas Kurian was one of four brothers. The twins boarded at Bangalore’s Jesuit-run St. Joseph’s Boys High School since their father’s job required travel around India. Both received acceptance letters from IIT Madras.

4. How old is Thomas Kurian?

About 57 years old.

5. What is Google Cloud revenue in 2023?

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported cloud revenue of $7.4 billion in Q1 2023, an increase over Q1 2022’s $5.8 billion and a marginal improvement over Q4 2022’s $7.32 billion. Google Cloud reported a profit of $191 million for the quarter, as opposed to a loss of $706 million the year before.

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