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‘Mulan’ star Coco Lee Passes Away, Her Whooping Net Worth Will Leave You in Splits

Famous Mulan singer Coco Lee passed away this Sunday after attempting suicide. While the music lovers are mourning on her sad demise, one might wonder how much stash of cash she left behind.

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

Hey folks! Today, we’re delving deep into the opulent world of Coco Lee. If you don’t know who she is, then allow me to introduce her to you. Chinese-American singer, songwriter, and actress Coco Lee was dominating the mainstream music market. She was talented, attractive, and wow, does she have money! She has accumulated her wealth through numerous sources of income, each of which has made a considerable contribution to her bank account. Let’s dissect it, shall we?

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

Music Industry Dominance

Coco’s popularity as a pop phenomenon has been a huge money maker. Her revenues have increased dramatically as a result of concert tours, album sales, and streaming royalties. With her number-one songs on the charts and widespread appeal, Coco makes a sizeable chunk of her money from her musical pursuits. Her debut album in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment titled “Coco Lee” broke all the records. 

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

Exposed, her second English album, was published by her through Sony BMG in 2005. Following this, Lee released albums in Mandarin, including Just Want You in 2006 and East to West in 2008. She also made a contribution to the music industry by appearing at concerts and events around the world, such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Lee enjoyed success throughout her career thanks to her talent and perseverance.

Despite experiencing vocal difficulties as a result of bronchitis in 2014, Coco Lee took part in the fourth season of the Chinese reality series “I Am A Singer” in 2016. She surmounted these obstacles though, winning the competition and becoming only the second non-mainland Chinese vocalist to do so.

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

Acting Ventures

Coco Lee was involved in acting, and it has been very profitable. Her financial wealth has been strengthened by her participation in films, television shows, and endorsement deals. The silver screen has become another avenue for her to showcase her talents and rake in the big bucks. 

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

She appeared in few films namely Mulan (1998), No tobacco (2002), master of everything (2004) and forever young (2015). It’s worth noting that Coco Lee’s television appearances extend beyond These films. She gave notable performances in chinese Idol (2013), dancing with the stars (2015), super idol (2015), talented singers (2015), i am singer (chinese)(2016), come song with me (2016), the jin xing show (2017), come sing with me (2017), sing out (2018), world’s got talent (2019), and jungle voice (2019). 

Lucrative Endorsement Deals

Due to Coco Lee’s fame and flawless sense of style, prestigious companies have expressed an interest in her endorsement. She has served as the spokesperson for well-known fashion labels, cosmetic products, and luxury goods. These endorsement contracts not only increase her income but also strengthen her position as a fashion influencer and symbol. Lee was the first asian brand ambassador for the brand Chanel and met negative feedback from Chanel’s loyal fans in Hong Kong. Some said “Coco Lee is more of a hot chick, more suitable for DKNY or Dolce and Gabbana than Chanel”.

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

Net worth

According to GHgossip Coco Lee left an entire HK$1billion fortune to her mother. Lee came from a family of Doctors and her mother is a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth

Final message 

It is believed that a 40-second audio recording she placed on a fan page “China Wen Fan League” is her final message to her followers, and it instantly went viral. The message reads-

“Dear, I am CoCo. I feel everyone’s love and support and you are my pillar of strength. I will keep striving. During this time, I hope you all are also healthy and happy. I miss everyone very much. I am working very hard. I am thinking of you all. I miss you all so much! Love you, love you.” Following in english she said “Thank you so much for the gifts. Beautiful and very thoughtful. Love you guys.”

'Mulan' star Coco Lee Net Worth
Picture credit- CCTV

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