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Lisa Marie Presley net worth 2023,Assets,Salary,Age,Cars,Lifestyle

Lisa Marie Presley net worth- American actress and singer Lisa Marie was a well-known for her work in the entertainment sector. Throughout her career, Lisa Marie has acted in a number of noteworthy movies, frequently working with filmmaker Tim Burton. She played Vampira in “Ed Wood” (1994), Martians Girl in “Mars Attacks!” (1996), and Lady Crane in “Sleepy Hollow” (1999), among other well-known parts. She has also worked as a model, appearing as a character in the animated picture “Corpse Bride” (2005) by director Tim Burton.

Singer Lisa Marie Presley's Death Linked To Weight Loss Surgery


The journey of Lisa Marie Presley net worth began when she was born on February 1st, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. Lisa moved in with her mother following Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley’s divorce.

Career in Music

“To Whom It May Concern,” Lisa Marie Presley’s debut album, was released in 2003. In 2005, she released “Now What” as a follow-up. Her second album performed well on the charts, just like her initial record boosting Lisa Marie Presley net worth. 2012 saw the release of her third album, “Storm & Grace.” Presley has worked with a number of well-known musicians outside of her solo career, including Kylie Minogue, Michael Bubble, and Coldplay. She has also appeared in music videos for songs performed by Michael Jackson and other artists.

Lisa Marie Presley died of a small bowel obstruction, medical examiner says

Relationship and Kids

Lisa Marie Presley wed Danny Keough in 1988. They got divorced in 1994 and had two kids. Benjamin, their 27-year-old son, committed suicide in 2020. Riley Keough, their daughter, is an actor.

Lisa family

Income sources

1. Acting:

Lisa Marie has worked in the film industry as a star of several films, which has allowed her to earn a large salary thereby increasing Lisa Marie Presley net worth. In addition to getting paid for their roles in movies, actors may negotiate contracts that include extra money if the movie is a hit which gave another chance to boost Lisa Marie Presley net worth.

Lisa Marie Presley's Cause of Death Revealed - Variety

2. Modeling:

Lisa Marie made money from her modeling profession, both in print and as a character model for animated movies. Contracts and payments for modeling jobs are frequently depending on the length of the campaign, the model’s experience, and other variables.

Lisa Marie Presley - IMDb

3. Lisa Marie had options for brand collaborations and endorsements because she was a well-known figure in the entertainment sector. These alliances were profitable and opened up new revenue sources further pushing Lisa Marie Presley net worth.

Lisa Marie Presley Died of a Bowel Obstruction After Bariatric Surgery

4. Royalties and residuals:

Lisa Marie may receive continued royalties or residuals if she has appeared in movies or television episodes that continue to bring in money thanks to syndication, streaming services, or DVD sales. Her wealth grew as a result over time piling up Lisa Marie Presley net worth.

Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, died of a bowel obstruction, coroner reveals - ABC News

5. Personal initiatives:

Lisa Marie has made investments in personal ventures like businesses, real estate, or other entrepreneurial pursuits, similar to many others in the entertainment industry. Overall Lisa Marie Presley net worth increased as a result of these investments.

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Financial background

Elvis (Lisa’s father) passed away at the age of 42 in 1977. He left Lisa Marie his entire estate. She had just turned nine years old. Elvis was much poorer than you might think after years of extravagant spending and being duped by his longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker. Elvis’s net worth at the time of his passing was $5 million. The entire sum left to Lisa after numerous inheritance taxes, bills, and other expenses was only $1 million. That is equivalent to about $5 million in today’s money.

Lisa Marie Presley Has Died at 54 | Vogue

For the subsequent 16 years, Lisa’s mother Priscilla served as the estate’s sole executor beginning when Lisa was only 9 years old. On her 25th birthday in 1990, Lisa received the entire estate. In the end, Lisa inherited $100 million from her mother, which is equivalent to almost $220 million in today’s dollars. Lisa eventually filed a lawsuit against a former business manager, who she claimed had wasted the majority of her enormous income and hence reducing Lisa Marie Presley net worth, as we will explain later in this article. She asserted in a lawsuit that by 2015, the trust money had been reduced to just $14,000.

The estate’s business manager attributed Lisa Marie’s debt of $20 million by 2003 to her own wasteful spending, which he subsequently had to help her recover from. Due to COVID, her case against the former business manager was suspended.

Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth, Elvis Inheritance and How Much She Made From Graceland - Parade: Entertainment, Recipes, Health, Life, Holidays

Lisa claimed to be $1 million in debt, including $1 million owed to the IRS, during a 2018 divorce court battle. According to Lisa’s court documents, she retained $85,266 in cash and $714,775 worth of stocks and bonds under her control. She also stated that her monthly expenses, which totaled about $92,000, included $23,500 for rent and $1,700 for a Maserati car payment.

Michael Lockwood, Lisa’s ex-husband of ten years, claimed Lisa earned between $100 and $200000 every month from the Elvis Presley Enterprises trust at the same time. Regarding Lisa Marie Presley net worth, she was allegedly lying about her genuine financial situation, according to Lockwood, who also asserted that she still held 15% of Elvis Presley Enterprises and managed a trust with a potential value of up to $65 million. Lisa was the actual owner of Graceland.

Lisa Marie Presley dies aged 54 after she was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support following cardiac arrest | The Sun

Owning Graceland has also, in some ways, been a godsend and a burden financially, as we will discuss later in this essay. The divorce between Lisa and Michael Lockwood was finalized in March 2021, but a year later Lockwood requested that Lisa submit tax returns to the court because he thought she had gotten an advance of $3–4 million to write a book about her father and friendship with Michael Jackson.

$35,000,000,000 in Life Insurance

In the weeks following Lisa’s tragic passing, it was revealed that she had three life insurance policies with a combined face value of $35 million that would be paid to her three surviving kids.

Lisa Marie Presley: Biography, Singer, Elvis Presley's Daughter

Lisa Marie Presley net worth- Last Will and Estate

Lisa changed her will in 2016 to exclude her mother Priscilla from her estate. She then designated Riley and Benjamin, two of her children, as the trustees. In 2020, Benjamin committed suicide. Riley is now the only executor of an estate that includes Graceland’s residence and a 15% share of all profits made by Elvis Presley Enterprises. She is the only trustee, but when her younger half-siblings become 18, they will also be entitled to a share of the estate.

After Lisa Marie passed away, Priscilla fought the 2016 will amendments in the days and weeks that followed. Riley, her granddaughter, apparently became enraged by this behavior. Lisa Marie’s signature on the 2016 will appeared different from it has in the past, and the name “Priscilla” was misspelled at least once in the paperwork, leading Priscilla to doubt its legality.

Lisa Marie Presley & Riley Keough Photos: Fashion Week to Red Carpets – WWD

Riley and Priscilla came to a secret agreement in May 2023, which was said to be primarily centered on the $35 million in life insurance payments, thereby affecting Lisa Marie Presley net worth.

Michael Jackson and Presley got married in 1994. Throughout their marriage, she assisted Jackson with a number of personal concerns, but in 1996 she filed for divorce. After that, Lisa got married to Nicolas Cage after breaking off her engagement to a singer named John Oszajca. After getting hitched in 2002, Cage and Presley split.


When Lisa’s father passed away, she was 9 years old. Elvis didn’t worry about money during his lifetime and was renowned for his extravagant spending. That being said, Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager, essentially took half of his client’s revenues, and so completely stole the Rock ‘N Roll legend.

Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis’ estate was valued at $5 million at the time of his passing. In today’s dollars, after accounting for inflation, that is equivalent to roughly $14 million. However, when different taxes, fees, and debts were settled, that sum decreased to $1 million. Lisa Marie received the entirety of his estate.

Lisa’s mother, Priscilla, the widow of Elvis, served as the estate’s sole executor. Priscilla immediately began the estate’s reconstruction and management of its severe circumstances. She made the creative decision to convert Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home, into a museum. Amazingly, she paid off all debtors and unpaid bills four days after it was created.

At the age of 25, Lisa received her father’s wealth, which was then valued at $100 million ($220 million in today’s dollars).

Lisa Marie Presley on Elvis, Michael Jackson and Her Music - The New York Times

Fortune lost

But Lisa decided to create a revocable living trust and designate Barry Seigel as the trust’s business manager rather than inheriting the money outright. Seigel negotiated a deal to sell 85% of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), the company in charge of all of the King’s image rights and royalties, for $100 million in February 2005.

Lisa’s earnings after taxes and fees came to about $40 million which suddenly boosted Lisa Marie Presley net worth. However, the sale also included $25 million worth of stock in American Idol’s future holding company, so it wasn’t all awful.

Lisa Marie Presley: moving on from Memphis | Lisa Marie Presley | The Guardian

Unfortunately, between 2005 and 2015, the money completely dried up. This was partly a result of Lisa’s extravagant spending patterns. Later, Lisa would assert that the financial issues were the result of poor financial management by Seigel and other managers (who, incidentally, were being paid $700,000 a year).

After all was said and done, Lisa Marie had only $14,000 left in the trust she had created. She allegedly owed more than $500,000 on her credit cards.

Lisa Marie’s Money Issues

Barry Siegel had been sacked by Lisa Marie Presley by 2015. She launched a lawsuit against the former company manager two years later, alleging that he wasted her $100 million wealth and left her penniless. She claimed that he neglected to tell her the truth about the Presley estate’s genuine state and that the EPE acquisition was ill-advised.

Riley Keough Is the Sole Trustee of Lisa Marie Presley's Estate

Lisa Marie Presley net worth

Lisa Marie Presley net worth was of $10 million at the time of her passing. Tragically, a heart attack caused Lisa Marie Presley to pass away on January 12, 2023. She had been born in 1954. Elvis Presley only had one child, Lisa Marie. She was an excellent singer-songwriter in her own right, much like her father. She was also well-known for her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, as well as for having been a former Scientology adherent.

You’re probably trying to figure out how Lisa Marie could have had a negative net worth at the time of her passing. In recent years, Lisa said that she was up to $17 million in debt and was drowning. A former husband alleged that he had received huge child and spousal support.

Lisa Marie Presley Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements

Lisa’s Death

On January 12, 2023, about 10:30 am, Lisa Marie Presley experienced a heart arrest at her Calabasas, California, residence. On the way to West Hills Hospital, her heart was revived thanks to CPR, but she passed away later that day at the age of 54. Two days prior, she made her most recent public appearance alongside her mother at the 80th Golden Globe Awards.

Numerous people attended her open memorial service at Graceland, and more than 1.5 million watched it live online. Along with her son Benjamin and her father Elvis, Lisa Marie was laid to rest in the Graceland Meditation Garden.

Lisa Marie Presley Has Died at 54 | Vanity Fair

In addition to her mother and living children, Axl Rose, Billy Corgan, Sarah, Duchess of York, Alanis Morissette, Baz Luhrmann, and Austin Butler were present during the service.


1. Who is Lisa Marie Presley?

Lisa Marie Presley is a singer-songwriter and actress from the United States. She is the child of Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley.

2. When did Lisa Marie Presley’s debut album come out?
In 2003, Lisa Marie Presley’s debut album, “To Whom It May Concern,” was made available.

3. What famous songs did Lisa Marie Presley write?
A few of Lisa Marie Presley’s well-known tracks are “Lights Out,” “Idiot,” and “Dirty Laundry.”

4. Has Lisa Marie Presley received any recognition for her music?
Despite widespread praise for her songs, Lisa Marie Presley has yet to be recognized with a significant prize.

5. Lisa Marie Presley has sought a career in acting in addition to her music.
Lisa Marie Presley has had a few acting performances, including a cameo in the movie “Elvis and Me” (1988) and a guest spot on the television program “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2005).

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