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Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023, How a Small Tea Stall Turned into a successful venture of 165 Outlets

Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023 – There are numerous success stories associated with tea, and chai, or tea, is without a doubt one of the most consumed beverages in India. Anubhav Dubey and Anand, two friends, are one such success tale. At the early age of 23, they were able to develop a business with a 150 crore INR annual revenue Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023). Childhood buddies Anand Nayak and Anubhav Dubey were both from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023/ Although Anubhav’s father was a successful businessman, he preferred that his son pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He sent Anubhav Dubey to Delhi to study for the UPSC because of this. Anubhav Dubey began studying for the UPSC test after failing the CA exam, but he soon realized that he was more suited for business than a job. Anubhav Dubey is currently a co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar, a multi-billion dollar business.

Anubhav Dubey made the decision to cease studying for the UPSC test and launch a company in 2016. Anand Nayak and he spoke about the idea, but neither had a lot of money. The two decided to launch their tea company after managing to raise Rs 3 lakhs. In front of the dormitory for girls, Anubhav Dubey started his first tea shop.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023

However, this company began with a Chaupal and today has approximately 160 locations throughout the world. Furthermore, serving the tea in a clay pot is a speciality. Additionally, they provide Maggi and sandwiches with noodles, but the flavour of the tea is what draws consumers in.

Today, Anubhav and Anand have established more than 400 Chai Sutta Bar locations in 195 cities in the nation. Additionally, Chai Sutta Bar has expanded internationally, including to Dubai, the UK, Canada, and Oman. Around Rs 150 crore is how much money Chai Sutta Bar makes each year. Anubhav Dubey’s net worth is said to be about Rs 10 crore.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023

250 potter families who produce clay cups or kulhads for their outlets have economic options thanks to Chai Sutta Bar as well. Today, Anubhav’s team consists of over 150 individuals, including engineers and MBAs.


Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023 – Anubhav Dubey is raising young entrepreneurs and he spends a very small percentage of his wealth on luxury items and lifestyle because he believes that luxury items account for a major percentage of depreciation annually.
Anubhav Dubey spends only a few percent of his income on cars, houses, and other necessities, and why are you delaying? Check out their collection of cars and houses and more here below.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023


Anu Dubey is a very decent house and he likes it for his family its value is around 50 lakh rupees {(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023}.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023


Anubhav Dubey recently revealed in an interview with Sandeep Maheshwari about his interest in cars that due to lack of interest in cars, he only owns a second-hand Swift Desire worth 3 lakhs.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023

Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023

Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023 – Anubhav Dubey, owner of Chai Sutta Bar, has a net worth of around 50 crores Indian rupees as of 2022. His salary is close to 25 lakhs, nevertheless. However, this company only required three fewer investments to get off the ground. However, after almost four years, this firm has made close to 100 crores.
Additionally, this company has around 400 shops spread across 190+ various Indian cities. This company also operates three locations abroad. Additionally, they employ about 2000 individuals at this time, giving jobs to a large number of people.

Anubhav claimed in an interview that this company’s income in four years will be close to 100+ crores. They use 20,000 litres of milk per day and sell close to 4.5 lakh Kulhad, according to statistics from the website.
Chai Sutta Bar, however, has locations in numerous Indian cities, including Dewas, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Bilaspur, Jaipur, Jamnagar, and Roorkee.

(Anubhav Dubey)Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth 2023


1.India has how many Chai Sutta bars?

There are 190 separate sites with about 400 Chai Sutta Bar franchisees in India.

2. Who is the Chai Sutta Bar’s CEO?

Anubhav Dubey.

3. How does one get a Chai Sutta Bar franchise?

Your first investment for a Chai Sutta Bar franchise must be close to 16 lakhs.

4. Delhi has how many Chai Sutta Bars?

Chai Sutta Bar is situated in Mukharjee Nagar in Delhi.

5. Who can I contact at Chai Sutta Bar?


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