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Newly Appointed deputy CM of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023 is too hard to miss

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023 –  Ajit Pawar is a well-known Indian politician who is a major player in Maharashtra politics. His career has been fruitful and significant. Pawar, who is well-known for his political savvy and strategic judgement, has accumulated substantial money via a variety of businesses and investments. In this article, we examine Ajit Pawar net worth 2023 and the many revenue streams that have helped him achieve financial success.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

Political Career

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023 – The Nationalist Congress Party is Ajit Anantrao Pawar’s political party. The politician is Sharad Pawar’s nephew, a former leader of the NCP. On July 2, 2023, Ajit Pawar took the oath of office as Maharashtra’s ninth deputy chief minister. Prior to that, Pawar held many distinguished posts with the Maharashtra government, including three times as the Dy CM beginning in 2010.

2019- After the major political drama, he resigned from his position as deputy chief minister of Maharashtra. Following him, Devendra Fadnavis also announced his resignation as chief minister.

2019- On November 23, 2019, Ajit Pawar was sworn in as the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra.

2014- Ajit Pawar was chosen for the state assembly once more. 2009 He was serving his fourth consecutive term as a Baramati MLA.

2004- Ajit Pawar was once more chosen to represent Baramati in the Maharashtra Assembly. He was appointed Water Resources Minister. He served as the district of Pune’s Guardian minister.

1999- From the same constituency, he was re-elected to the Maharashtra Assembly. He received his first appointment to the Cabinet. From October 1999 until December 2003, he was the irrigation minister under Vilasrao Deshmukh. also held the position of Minister for Rural Development from December 2003 until October 2004.

1995- Ajit Pawar was chosen as an MLA from the Baramati seat for the first time.

1991- In the tenth Loksabha, he won a seat in Congress. He left this position after barely four months. He was appointed the minister of state for Agriculture and Power later in June 1991. He held this position till November 1992. He served as the state’s minister for planning, power, and soil conservation from November 1992 to February 1993, while Sharad Pawar was the chief minister.

1991- He was chosen to serve as the Pune District Co-operative Bank’s (PDC) chairman. Later on, he worked there as the factory’s director. After that, he was named Chatrapati Bazar’s chairman. He was also a Trustee for the Pune Zilla Vikas Pratishthan and the Vidya Pratishthan.

1982- Ajit Pawar began his political career as a director of a co-op sugar plant.

2nd July 2023 – Ajit Pawar, the current deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, was sworn in with Devendra Fadnavis.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

Business Ventures

Ajit Pawar has engaged in a number of commercial endeavours in addition to his political activities, which has helped him become more financially successful (adding to Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023). He has made investments in industries including real estate, farming, and sugar cooperatives. Pawar has been able to diversify his income streams outside of politics because to his business mentality.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

According to HT boosting Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023 “Ajit Pawar owns 57 companies, investment in deals through shell company”. In a news conference on Wednesday, Somaiya said that Ajit Pawar directly or indirectly (benami) controls 57 businesses and is also involved in transactions through a front company named Yash V Jewels Limited. Additionally, he claimed that three officials in the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government had business dealings with Yash V Jewels, which SEBI declared to be a shell firm in April 2009.

Investments and Assets

Ajit Pawar has strategically invested in a variety of assets, including real estate, stocks, and enterprises, much like other prominent business people and politicians. Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023 has increased as a result of the appreciation of his investments over time. Pawar has accumulated enormous fortune as a result of his financial and investing choices.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

According to Hindustan Times “Ajit Pawar-linked sugar mill owes 487 Cr to bank”, According to the first chargesheet submitted by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the case of suspected financial irregularities at Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank, Jarandeshwar Sugar Mill acquired loans totaling INR 826 crore from the bank, of which INR 487 crore is still owed. The sugar mill sums up Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023, according to the ED, was owned by businesses connected to Ajit Pawar and his wife Sunetra.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

Other Ventures

Throughout his career, Ajit Pawar has held significant government roles, including that of Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). His entire income is boosted by the salary, benefits, and other compensation he receives from these jobs. The incentives and salaries received from all these jobs accelerated Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

To Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023, there are claims that he went above and above in his capacity as minister for water resources to aid in the construction of Lavasa, a project hailed as a “vision of Sharad Pawar.” In August 2002, Lavasa received a lease from the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC) for 141.15 hectares (348.8 acres), which comprised a portion of the Warasgaon dam reservoir. The prices used to complete the lease between MKVDC and Lavasa were much less than market rates.

Net Worth

According to information found online, Ajit Pawar has a net worth of about 44 crores of rupees (Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023). He has held a number of significant jobs throughout the years, and his primary source of income is from salary. He is now Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister. Pawar could also own expensive vehicles and real estate.

Ajit Pawar Net Worth 2023

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